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12 Home Selling Tips

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If you are selling your home, you are probably interested in making the experience as profitable and hassle free as possible. Here are some tips that you may find helpful in making your wish become a reality.

  • Have the house well lit and open the drapes to give it the “light and bright” feel.
  • Handle pet or other possible unpleasant odors. Baking some cookies or bread for the showing is an inexpensive great touch, which creates a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.
  • Clean up the house, especially the kitchen, bathrooms, and any dirty flooring or carpets.
  • No clutter. Remove all the excess “stuff” from the home.
  • Clean up the yard, and get rid of any junk or debris.
  • Get the junk and excess storage out of the garage. (This is a good start on moving out.)
  • Redo weathered and peeling paint and caulking giving the house a “well kept” look.
  • Secure your valuables; don’t leave money, jewelry, or other valuables lying about.
  • Remove the pets, especially the dogs. Animals under foot may be a nuisance to some potential new buyer.
  • Get a professional home inspection to uncover any major defects that could cause the price to be renegotiated during the sales transaction.
  • Organize and make available any documents you have, especially building permits, construction plans, contracts for repairs or additions, warranties, guarantees or manuals for new items such as appliances.
  • Provide an honest and complete disclosure of any issues you know about your home or neighborhood. It is far better to have the issues known about before a buyer makes the offer than to have the issue blow up the deal in escrow or wind up in court later. For example, if the roof or pool leaked at some time in the past and you’ve had it fixed, make it known and provide the documentation for repairs. If a problem hasn’t been fixed and you don’t intend to fix it, then disclose it as such.

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