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20 Ways to Expand Purchasing Power

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20 Ways to Expand Purchasing Power:

  • Pay off your debts.
  • Consolidate your debts into a lower-interest rate loan.
  • Use an adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM).
  • Use a portfolio lender.
  • Buy with someone else.
  • Ask your parents to give you money for a down payment (requires a gift letter).
  • Ask the seller to pay some of your non-recurring closing costs.
  • Ask the seller to carry a second mortgage.
  • Ask the seller, or lender, to buy down the interest rate on your mortgage.
  • Ask your employer to lend you money, pay some of your closing costs, or buy down an interest rate for you.
  • Buy when interest rates are low.
  • Buy a property that generates rental income.
  • Take advantage of a first-time buyer loan program, if you qualify.
  • Take advantage of government-assisted financing programs, if you qualify.
  • Close late in the month to reduce the interest owed to the lender at closing.
  • Reduce the cash you need for closing costs with a zero-point loan.
  • Borrow against a 401(k) retirement plan or insurance policy.
  • Borrow against or liquidate securities.
  • Use a mortgage with a forty-year due date (but watch out for prepayment penalties).
  • Take a penalty-free IRA withdrawal.

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